Welcome to Best Paw Forward Inc.

We take great pride in our commitment to providing the best dog training classes in Central Florida. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to sign up for classes, workshops and other programs and materials, and of course you may also register by contacting us directly.

Group classes are open to friendly dogs. Dogs with serious social issues (shy, nervous, extremely bossy or aggressive) will be handled in private sessions or special workshops and series.

We also offer private classes in Osteen, and private classes in your home are available for friendly dogs as well as for some with special needs.

Beginner level group class size is limited for lots of indvidual attention at great prices. A spot in class will be confirmed after approval by the instructors and upon payment and submission of a fully completed class or event registration form or behavior questionnaire.

Contact us via e-mail for coupon codes for discounts for returning students, experienced trainers, veterinary staff, rescue staff & volunteers, service dog trainees, and for Spring Oaks Animal Care Center clients attending classes at that site.


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     E-mail or call us to schedule private sessions at our location or yours. Check our Events page for upcoming special programs.

    PuppyLove, Basic Manners and all levels of group classes, as well all other events, are at Best Paw Forward Inc., 1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd., Osteen FL 32764-8872.

    PuppyLove and Basic Manners also offered Tuesday evenings at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, DeLand.

    Always follow our directions and use your GPS only as a backup to that information if you visit the Osteen location. Most major GPS programs get it wrong for our rural location, and often only AT&T & sometimes Verizon cell phone customers have good reception out here.